Gaming Industry Directory

Australian game developers, studios and everything else to do with the games industry. If you’re in the industry and would like to be listed, please contact us.


Dungeon League: Dungeon crawling with 10 minutes of short, insane fun.

Stirfire Studios: Developers of the immersive virtual reality puzzle game Symphony of the Machine.

S1T2: The Sydney-based creative technology agency developing the VR game Kept where users journey through a haunting and surreal environment.

Shifty Pixels: Based in Sydney and developer of some quirky and addicting games.

Studio Canvas: Developers of the cute but also maniacal game Goat Punks where a bunch of goats are on a mountain trying to knock each other off.

Nnooo: Sydney-based game developer with a range of exciting titles like Majestic Nights, the 1980s-style conspiracy theory investigation game and The Legend of KusaKari, the game where a hero cuts grass (literally).

Amelus Digital: Mobile game developer and moving into the VR space. One of the most recent games include a mobile game where you swipe to spin a cube correctly to execute your attacks.

Tin Star Games: Maker of tabletop role-playing games including some free ones. They have a major game called Relic: A Game of Angels slated for a 2019 release.



100 Stones Interactive: Based in Brisbane and developing the adventure-puzzle game The Eyes of Ayra.



Storyweaver: Maker of tabletop games ranging from fantasy alien worlds to macabre horror movies.



Rob Caporetto: Melbourne-based and creator of Backfire, the arcade action game where every shot has recoil that needs to be accounted for.

Valorian Games: Based in Melbourne and creator of Into Affliction, the sci-fi cinematic platformer with a deeply moving and personal story.

DoorKey Studios: Developing the new card battling game for Andriod and iOS, Heroes of Holdem.

Cognitive Forge: Game studio based in Melbourne developing the mouse driven rogue-lite platformer, Aura of Worlds.

Paperbark: A unique game called Paperbark, which involves a collaboration between those in the picture book industry and the video game industry.

Wanderlight Games: Currently developing Lucid Road, the game that takes place on the night of Christmas Eve where you explore dreamscapes and collect memories.