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  • New Battle Royal Game revealed by Boss Key, spearheaded by Gears of War Lead Designer & Former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski
  • It will have traditional Battle Royal elements with a Boss Key spin on it
  • The Game will be put in Early-Access Tomorrow, and will be free to access

Development Team Boss Key announced this morning at 1 AM EST that they will be releasing a Battle Royale-style game titled “Radical Heights”.

Spearheaded by the Industry renown Cliff Bleszinski, who lead the design of the Gears of War Franchise and was involved with the development of the Unreal Engine, announced last night that the game will be hitting Steam Early Access tomorrow AU, and be Free to Play.

This Battle Royale title will be taking a Game Show art style on board, working in currency elements to formulate its loot system, and involving an 80’s inspired aesthetic.

The game will have a vast range of cosmetics, with elements inter-wound with the games currency system. Currency can be earned by playing the game, interacting with elements of the map, and by eliminating other players.

Via Radical Heights on Twitter

The announcement comes shortly after Boss Key confirmed that they would be halting the development of their Hero-Shooter Lawbreakers, which was released last year. The game was criticized for its lack of content and how it was advertised with a need for a lot of skill at the entry level. Radical Heights appears to be different in this way, and in the approach the developers are taking.

An important detail to note about the release of Radical Heights is that the game is Self-Published by Boss Key Productions, which PR Manager Rohan Rivas believes to be a great thing.

Via Rohan Rivas on Twitter

The successes of Fortnite and PUBG are being felt throughout the industry.

Battle Royale games are in abundance today, and developers keep confirming that they are working on B.R modes for their games.

Earlier in the year, Paladins developers Hi-Rez Studios confirmed that they are working on a Paladins: Battlegrounds mode, and Dying Light developers Techland confirmed that they are working on a B.R alternate mode for Dying Light, named Bad Blood.

Who knows what the talk of E3 is going to be?